Concert Works


Composition                          Instrumentation                                           Publisher

A Special Bouquet                            SATB Chorus (a cappella)                                                ACE

Concerto for Jazz Clarinet                Jazz Clarinet solo, String Orchestra                                 ACE

  & String Orchestra

Excursions in Time                            Piano solo                                                                        ACE

Fanfare                                              SATB Choir (a cappella)                                                  ACE

Friends, Romans, Countrymen          Bass-Baritone, String Quartet and Piano                        ACE

Images                                               Sextet for Fl, Cl, Bsn, Vln, Vla and Vcl                            ACE

Introspection for Viola Solo                Viola solo                                                                        ACE

Istanti                                                  Guitar solo                                                                      BERBEN

I watch you while you’re sleeping       Cello and Piano                                                              ACE 

Letter to a Daughter                            Voice and Piano                                                             ACE

Life                                                      Oboe and Clarinet                                                          ACE

Night, You aren’t here                         Tenor and Piano                                                            ACE

Nocturne for Bassoon                         Bassoon solo and String Orchestra                               ACE

  and Strings

Sheva, a prelude                                 Orchestra                                                                      ACE

  for orchestra

Sonata for Solo Cello                          Cello solo                                                                       ACE

Sonata for Violin and Piano                Violin and Piano                                                             ACE

Song of Songs                                    Soprano and Piano                                                        ACE

Song of Songs                                    Soprano and Orchestra                                                 ACE

String Quartet No 1                             String Quartet                                                                ACE

The Jig is Up                                        Fl, Vln, Vcl, Harp, Piano                                               ACE

The Tell-Tale Heart                             Bass-Baritone solo and Chamber Ensemble                ACE

                                                                of Cl, Bsn, Perc., Vln & Vcl

The Voice of Eternity                          Sop., Contralto, Ten, Baritone solos, SATB Chorus,    PEER

                                                                Strings, Piano, Flute and Alto Flute, 4 Perc.

Timeless Footsteps                            Clarinet, Piano and Wind Chimes                                 ACE

Film Scores

    A Better Place

    Blitzen on Ice

    Wilder Summer

Incidental Music for The Theater

    Blood Wedding

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

    Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead

    Sixty Feet Six Inches

    The Mechant of Venice

ACE:    American Composers Editions

BERBEN: Berben edizione musicali

PEER: Peer Music

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