“The orchestra played a program of Rossini, Schubert and Beethoven with a fire and energy that bordered on greatness.  The magnificent Beethoven Fifth sounded wonderful at the hands of Schneider and the orchestra.”

-Stefan Janis, Star Ledger

“I was left with a sense of exultation and admiration.  This was a NINTH of majesty and power.”

-Albert H. Cohen, News Tribune

BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9

“Beethoven’s mighty Ninth got off the ground securely, and soared aloft.  The music was in good hands with this conductor.”

-Michael Redmond, Star Ledger

“Schneider led the group with unremitting intensity. . .Balance and tuning were glorious, dynamics effortlessly in control.  Especially effective was the attention given to details of musical gesture.”

-Graham McKinley, Princeton Packet

BIZET:  Symphony in C

“Schneider had the orchestra playing with a fantastic range of dynamics, color, and rhythm.  ..  The last movement simply erupted like wildfire under Schneider’s baton.”

-Stefan Janis, Star Ledger

“ An unfailingly eloquent reading.”

-Michael Redmond, Star Ledger

FALLA:  El Amor Brujo

“Another Spectacular performance. . . the music was thrillingly vivid.”

-Albert H. Cohen, News Tribune

FALLA:   Three Cornered Hat Suite

“Schneider’s tempo and concept for de Falla’s Sombrero de Tres Picos was totally captivating.  The orchestra played with supreme confidence under his baton.”

-Stefan Janis, Star Ledger

COPLAND:  Appalachian Spring

MOZART:  Requiem

“An inspired performance.”

-Charles McCurdy, Philadelphia Inquirer

“There was not one iota of hesitation by the singers or the players in responding to Schneider’s grand design.”

-Stefan Janis, Star Ledger

“Schneider led a vigorous and tautly paced interpretation.  He filled out Mozart’s music with strong orchestral playing and fervent choral singing.  The performance drew deserved cheers from the audience.”

-Robert Baxter, Courier Post

MOZART: Symphony No. 40

“The tempi were impeccable - especially that of the finale, which almost everybody takes too fast - and the interpretation was poised and elegant, as is Schneider’s podium demeanor.”

-Michael Redmond, Star Ledger

MOZART:  Symphony No. 41 “Jupiter”

“Gary Schneider turned the “Jupiter” into an exciting, emotional experience.  He did so by creating a tautness of line throughout.  Even the andante was filled with an inner tension that contrasted with the elegance of the muted violin’s main theme.  Each movement was cleanly delineated, with balances between groups carefully preserved.  The integration of mood was so excellent I felt the ending of movements to be interruptions in the symphony’s flow instead of normal pauses.”

-Albert H. Cohen, News Tribune

RANDS:  Madrigali

“It certainly ranks among the most compelling accounts of a new score to be given in New Jersey this year.  Bravo, bravo and again, bravo.”

-Michael Redmond, Star Ledger

STRAVINSKY:  L’Histoire du Soldat

“A performance that was no less than electrifying.”

-Michael Redmond, Star Ledger

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